Monday, December 25, 2006

Naisy's expanded web presence

Perhaps we should we call it a cult of personality?

Like most of you, I am on Naisy's email list. I didn't want to be on it, but they kept bugging me. "It's the best way to stay informed about Naisy's campaign," they said. Now I've been on awhile, since I attended an early coffee, but I can't really say that I was ever "informed about Naisy's campaign." I've been asked for money, or to volunteer. I just never heard about Naisy's campaign.

That's probably too harsh, because I may have expected too much. I wanted to hear about her plans for the future, about her goals as alderman, about how she would address the pressing needs of the ward. Her only response to that was, "I'll listen." She's what I'd call a "blank slate." That worries me.

From the beginning, Naisy's campaign has been all about Naisy. "I want to be the first Asian American Alderman!" It seems to me that it's never been about the 50th Ward. And that's too bad.

The latest missive from Naisy's campaign only reinforces my impression that her campaign is slipping into a cult of personality:

"Naisy has expanded her web presence in an effort to keep all of you informed of the goings on in the campaign. This expanded web presence will make it easy for all of you to share news, announcements, photos and even videos with friends and family who are interested in Naisy. Many of you already have accounts with Facebook, MySpace and YouTube so please be sure to add her as a friend or subscribe to her videos."

Naisy on Facebook:

Naisy on MySpace:

Naisy on YouTube:

There you have it! Now, if you can find
her plans for the future, or her goals as alderman, or how she would address the needs of the ward, please comment! Everyone would all be interested in that.

We already have an alderman who is centered around himself. Ald. Stone, like Naisy, seems to have no plans for the future of the ward, just personal goals like becoming the oldest alderman ever - and passing the position over to Ilana. What I like about Greg Brewer's site is that there are plans for the future, ward needs identified, initial steps towards solutions offered. I'll be accused of shilling for Brewer, but maybe that's because Naisy wasn't the person I need to be.


At December 25, 2006 6:29 PM, Anonymous nobsnda50 said...

JS you crack me up with this "cult of personality" crap. Its all about name recognition and building a network. We all know you are a shill for Brewer.

Of course since I was critical of you and/or Brewer I fully expect you to delete this post, but who cares.

At December 25, 2006 6:47 PM, Blogger JS in the 50th said...

I'm glad you were amused. You're right, name recognition is important. It apparently doesn't occur to you that voters want someone who will actually do something for the 50th. That's why I don't support Naisy. Your response only reminds me how no one who does support her can answer any of the questions I've had. But at least I know her name. The mirror speaks, the reflection lies.

At December 26, 2006 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Its all about name recognition and building a network"

It is all about that for Naisy, isn't it? Maybe she'll be able to find a job with her new friends after she loses the election.


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