Monday, November 27, 2006

Standing with Stone didn't Help

Looks like they didn't make their payment for protection.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Campaign Websites

Who remembers campaign websites from 2003? I don't. But I was impressed by one candidate's website, which I found when it was discussed on Rich Miller's definitive blog. When bloggers on capitolfaxblog like it, you know it must be good.

"The Greg Brewer site is really good. It is the best I’ve seen in Illinois politics." high praise from a fellow netfreak. You can find his site here.

Cute Naisy Dolar's site is rudimentary. It does the job, but is simple looking. For someone who says that she's been planning this for a long time, I would have expected her to be first on the web, and have a better website. Still, she's very pleasant to look at. She's very rah-rah.

I don't understand Salman Aftab's website. It's not always available, and has some form of funky flash in it. The most irritating thing is that you can't really tell anything about him, especially what he stands for. Aftab's inability to stay online doesn't account very well for someone who calls himself a computer expert.

Ald. Berny Stone is a new entry into the campaign websites sweepstakes. It has gradually expanded over the last couple of weeks, including a large photo gallery, although every pix of Stone seems to have been taken the same day (maybe just the same tie). But Stone looks deathly pale in many of these pictures. Go, look for yourself.

Good for the 50th? Only if you like a good, knock-down, drag-out, nasty campaign!!!! Don't know if that's good for the 50th, but that's what we can expect. Can't wait for the Dem Club to come shake us down again!!!! Yes, that was sarcastic.