Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So When Does Stone Debate Dolar?

Ald. Stone used the spector of four challengers as an excuse for ducking earlier debates. So the question is, when will Stone debate Naisy?

It should be apparent to all that Stone didn't want to sit there with his critics. But his offer to debate his challengers "one on one" offers no excuses. Will Stone debate? Probably not. It's not just that he is scared of talking about his record of neglect and favors. It's not just that Stone doesn't like to be questioned. It's that Stone is getting old. He no longer has the mental facilities that he used to. He's scared.

In a debate, one on one or otherwise, Stone has no where to run. His outrageous comments, those things that embarrass all of us, can be responded to, called for what they are.

Will Stone debate? Probably not. But if he doesn't, we will all know why.

He's a loser. He's vulnerable. Half the voters don't want him around anymore.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Done Deal: Naisy Will Withdraw in Run-off

Several of Ald. Stone's precinct captains are taking the extraordinary step of encouraging voters who cannot support Stone to vote for Naisy Dolar over Greg Brewer. Naisy, they say, is a product of the machine and will withdraw from the race if she and Stone go into a run-off.

"It's a Done Deal."

This seems absurd on its face. Naisy Dolar has run a highly competitive race. But Dolar herself touts the fact that she is connected to the machine. Rumors of her connections to the Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO of Robert Sorich fame) and Mary Jo Falcon have abounded throughout the ward and web. Her campaign sees her connection to the machine as one its main assets.

The machine has used plant candidates successfully throughout Chicago. In 2006, a machine plant won secondly place over the so-called reform candidate in the Third Congressional District on the southside. Running someone who works on a government payroll, like Naisy did at the time she decided to run, to divide the opposition and dilute the vote against an incumbent is a time-honored tradition in Chicago.

Further, Berny Stone owes his re-election in 1991 to a deal brokered by then-State Senator (and Democratic Committeeman) Howard Carroll. A deal between Stone and Dolar would not be out of character.

But that is speculation. What is not is the fact that Stone precinct captains are encouraging people who cannot support Stone to support Naisy. Where Stone has precinct captains, they are far bigger presence than Naisy supporters in yellow hats.

One final observation: Naisy's supporters haven't been in the Jewish community south of Touhy until the last two weekends. That may suggest that they had conceded the Jewish vote until a deal was set. Greg Brewer supporters had been in Jewish precincts since September.

Regardless of whether Stone and Naisy have struck a deal, Stone's precinct captains are telling people who can't pull the lever for Stone to support Naisy. That tells us that Stone wants to face Naisy, not Brewer, if he has to go into a run-off. For whatever reasons, Brewer is the opponent Stone most fears.

Whether that is because Stone feels like he has a better chance against Naisy in a run-off or a deal has been struck, no one really knows. While it might have seemed unlikely that Naisy would withdraw in any case, her willingness to deceive voters gives us no confidence that she isn't doing so again.

I'm voting for Greg Brewer. We know for a fact that Brewer is not connected to the machine and offers the 50th Ward a truly independent voice. Berny Stone doesn't want me to vote for Greg Brewer. So if you'd like to see Stone defeated, you will vote for Greg, too.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stone Stunt Backfires

Willow9 asked for my perspective on Ald. Stone's receiving of what I would call hate-mail:

I believe in Occum's Razor. The simplest solution is probably the best. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Berny Stone, or one of his cronies, are behind the letter that he used for publicity purposes yesterday. We see some of that here, on this blog. All of the references to hate-mongering and Nazis have come from Stone supporters. Given the heated rhetoric of this race, it is surprising, shocking even, that none of this has come from Stone opponents. The anti-Jewish rhetoric, or illusions to such, have all come from Stone's people.

It's worse if you saw the postings that have been moderated.

Stone and his supporters have been trying to create a spector of anti-Jewish fervor to distract from the fact that this race is all about Stone's record. If Stone was serving all the people in all the neighborhoods in the 50th Ward, he'd barely have any competition. Those candidates who are running against Berny Stone all take issue with Stone's job performance, not Stone's ethnicity.

The second piece of evidence here is the zip code where this letter was mailed. 60659. This is a MAJOR Jewish section of the ward. It is also the home of Stone's aldermanic office. It's inconceivable to me that a Nazi sympathizer would be living in the midst of a significant orthodox Jewish community. It is much more likely that Berny Stone or one of his cronies sent this piece of mail.

The final piece of the puzzle is the fact that Stone refused to give this to the police. In the very least, Stone should have had it examined for fingerprints. I would want to know if there was someone so crazy in our midst. You'd expect Stone would want to know, too.

Stone used this stunt for publicity, in the attempt to solidify the Jewish community behind him. Plain and simple, Stone ramped up the tensions in the ward for his own purposes. That's sick.

Does this fit the pattern of Stone and his cronies, Willow asks? Yes, it does. Stone has manipulated ethnic politics from the beginning. He is capable of manipulating our emotions and increasing the tensions in our neighborhoods, and he has repeatedly done that.

That's a shame. Me, I'm voting for Greg Brewer to end 30-odd years of racial politics. Only Brewer will be able to unite us under a common vision for the future of our community. We need someone who refuses to employ ethnic or racial politics so that we can see ourselves as more than our religion, ethnicity, or race. Only Greg Brewer offers us that possibility. Only Greg Brewer can united us. I hope you will join me in supporting Greg. Let the healing begin.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Price of Suppression

One of the things that has emerged in this particular election is how divided the ward has become. It is clear that Ald. Stone has long neglected parts of the ward outside his base area of support. Religious figures talk about meeting Stone and "having to kiss his ring." I think they meant figuratively. There is a lot of resentment for how Stone treats people and how little he and his staff work to address the problems here.

For Stone's supporters, this has been eye-opening. It is easy to pin our suppressed resentment on the "outsiders" who have been hired or volunteered to come into the ward. While it may be no big deal for us to contribute or help Joe Leiberman or someone else who doesn't live in the 50th, it seems to be a much bigger deal that the people of Chicago (or surrounding areas) express an interest in the outcome of this election.

Alderman are not just ward managers but also city legislators. They influence city policy, and have a vote on the direction that the city of Chicago will take. It is no different than taking an interest in a Senate election in another state.

Berny Stone has tried to run this ward as a mob boss. Intimidation and derision have long been his weapons of choice. But the price to be paid is that people get tired of it. Something that may have worked in the 1970s or even 1990s doesn't seem that effective now. One reason is because of the internet, and how it has allowed us to voice our discontent.

There should be no doubt that there are people here who honestly and freely support Ald. Stone. There should also be no doubt that there are people here who don't. The price of suppression is that the latter fact is now becoming apparent to all. The bubble has burst. Stone may be much beloved by his core group of supporters. But that feeling is not universally shared. People are now free to voice their discontent. And they have.

On February 27th, we will be free to show how we really feel about Berny Stone.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stuck in the Past

Ald. Stone is old. But he looks a lot older than he is. If you've seen Stone's recent "mailer," and I use that word loosely, since it was dropped by our house on Shabbat, or yesterday's appearance on channel 7, you've seen how bad Stone looks. He is so drawn, so poor looking that his false teeth stand out prominently.

Perhaps it is not only his health that is in doubt. His campaign seems to be based upon his accomplishments in the 1970s. Unlike Mayor Daley, who has lots of goals and things he wants to accomplish, Stone only voices interest in living longer. The 50th Ward? That may get his attention when he's awake. Longevity seems to require more naps. But Stone has a great scam going: he gets paid to nap! He even fenaggled a pay increase for napping. What a guy!

Stone says he's busier than ever. Busy doing nothing, it seems. All around the city, you see things getting better. Not in the 50th. The trash on the main streets is so obvious that even the most jaded person will notice. And you have to wonder how many city employees in the 50th take their cue from Berny and sleep on the job.

I wonder if he'll give them a pay raise for napping.

But Berny Stone isn't the only person who seems stuck in the past. Many of his supporters dwell there, too. This blog has become the focus of some of the most hateful, spitful Stone supporters. Their vitriol is not only extreme, it can have no other purpose than to intimidate. Speaking truth to power requires a vapid response, to Stone's way of thinking. Like Saddam, if you don't like him, then you are at least supposed to fear him.

But what can Stone and his supporters do? Humiliate us? Threaten us AGAIN?

Quite frankly, if you saw all the attempted postings I see you'd wonder why anyone wants to live here. One commenter even questioned that. I realize that most of the Stone commenters here are probably on his payroll (probably blogging from city equipment, as well), so they have much at stake. Ald. Stone is their meal ticket. If Stone is not re-elected, what will they do?

But that's not the point. The point is that my generation no longer harkens back to the World War Two era. Genocide and ethnic cleansing are repugnant, no matter who it effects. More to the point, Stone is so old and so tied to the non-Jewish establishment that he fails to notice when our community is under real threat. We can expect more neglect as he gets older.

This is not a man who takes care of his own. Berny Stone is someone who looks after himself. Period. If there were real anti-Semites in the area, Berny Stone will be the last to notice.

Until they come for him.

Stone's eagerness to play the anti-Semite card only tells us that he feels threatened. The problem is that he's cried wolf so often, and always around this time of the election cycle. I'm immune. The only anti-Semite out there is the one Ald. Stone has conjured up so that he can get his pay raise. The wolf may be at Stone's door, but it's the wolf of voter discontent, not the spector of anti-Semitism.

Berny Stone just can't tell the difference. Can you?

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Friday, February 16, 2007

It's About Respect

I am proud of my heritage. And I'm glad to live in an area where my heritage is honored and its rites revered. I live in an area where my alderman, my state representative, state senator and Congresswoman are all Jewish. That is exceptional. For me, it feels normal.

But I'm not proud of my alderman. My alderman doesn't share my values, or even the values of our shared heritage. My alderman violates our Jewish tradition by ignoring it whenever possible, and then exploiting it when he suites his needs.

That is exactly what he is doing now.

I take a lot of guff for my opposition to Ald. Stone. Because Stone is Jewish, I am told, I should support him. It's the essence of the "He's our crook" argument. But I don't want to be represented by a crook. And the thought of a Jewish crook is repulsive to me. We have enough issues in the world, I don't want to see Jewish legislators tainted by Berny Stone's reputation.

Nor does Stone serve our interests. His rush to gentrify the ward results in the inevitable dilution of our community. It's not Jewish families who are buying these expensive condo conversions or resulting building from the teardowns we see throughout the ward. It's yuppies. Yuppies who don't seem to honor the profound Jewish character of the 50th Ward.

This doesn't bother Berny Stone. Not much does. He takes his quid pro quo and smiles. Why should he care if the 50th takes on a profoundly Christian character in a decade? He'll be in Arizona. He won't be bothered.

My father tells me that Stone used to be a good alderman. But it sounds like that was before Council Wars. That doesn't help us now. And that certainly doesn't protect us.

Driving around the city during the winter holidays solidified my decision to support someone who wished to "preserve the character and integrity of the 50th Ward." Throughout the city in December you would see Christmas decorations on street lights and city property. But the 50th Ward was spared this spectacle. The long Jewish legacy of the 50th Ward has meant that not only Jewish families feel comfortable here, but it has been a magnet for other non-Christians, too. The rapid gentrification sponsored by Ald. Stone threatens the safe haven we've built here.

Greg Brewer offers many attractive proposals that should preserve the profoundly Jewish character of our neighborhood. His commitment to preserving the character of the ward means that he's committed to preserving the Jewish flavor of the ward. But more importantly, Greg's proposal for creating a ward plan or roadmap that not only takes community input but is based upon it offers us the best hope for Jewish families in the decades to come.

Please join me in voting for Greg Brewer for Alderman. Greg offers us our best hope for keeping the 50th a safe haven for all of us. There is nothing that Berny Stone will do in this regard that Greg Brewer won't continue. Greg shares our values.

Finally, it seems to me that Stone's activities tonight reinforce this assessment. Stone will campaign on the Shabbat. The fact that Stone will do so demonstrates his willingness to dilute our community for his own purpose. To me, that's wrong. I support someone who respects our traditions and rites. I'm voting for Greg Brewer. I hope you will, too.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Use is Berny Stone?

Ald. Stone is an embarrassment. To the 50th Ward. To the City of Chicago. To the country as a whole.

Stone likes to remind us that he is the Vice Mayor of Chicago. I haven't figured out what that means. I thought it meant that Stone had power. That the streets of the 50th Ward would be paved with gold. That the ward would be cleaner, brighter, better served. But that's not the case. Every candidate running against Stone points out that the 50th Ward gets the least amount of money from the city. Stone can't even pull in a few extra bucks. What influence does Stone have if he can't swing a few bucks for us?

At least he has an empty title. Goodie for him.

Berny Stone is a laughingstock, and we are made a laughingstock with him. People in the wards around us take pity on us because we have Stone. But it's not just the city of Chicago. Friends in Brooklyn know of Stone, and are embarrassed for us. Come east, they say. You can hold your head up here with pride. Friends in Arizona not only know of Stone, but call him the clown prince of Chicago. I can't tell if they are making fun of Stone's prideful boast of being Vice Mayor or just that he's a clown. Not that it matters.

But someone else I know, a former athlete who works with the US Olympic Committee, is convinced that Chicago will never win the Olympics as long as Stone is our alderman. Can you imagine all the things Stone will say with thousands of microphones and cameras here? Why would they take that chance?

Apparently, there is very little chance they will. And Chicago doesn't need to be embarrassed on an international scale.

Stone is quotable. He perpetuates Chicago's bygone image of the city of mobsters. He illustrates the city's problems with corruption and graft. He's a throw-back, not just to the 20 century, but to the early 20th century. Berny Stone would be more comfortable with the likes of Roti and Capone, and we shouldn't forget that.

Rich Daley's Chicago, the New Chicago, has no place for the Berny Stone's. Chicago will never be an international city, a city with a sterling reputation, as long as it has Stone as a mouthpiece. He will embarrass us. Again. And again.

There is no question that Dick Simpson was right. This election is a choice between the past and the future. Chicago has no future with Ald. Stone in it. And Berny Stone has no future with Chicago. It's time to let bygone eras rest. Time for Stone to be thrown out. Time for voters to show a little pride. Retire Berny Stone.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Brewer "Ground Game" Strategy

A neighbor tells me that she had a Brewer volunteer knocking on her door "at the height of the snow storm." It was either the second or third time someone from the Brewer campaign had visited. She couldn't remember.

While the Dolar campaign has made much out of their yellow hats and their "grassroots" campaign, it is the Brewer campaign that comes by over and again. I would be tempted to call their campaign strategy grassroots, especially given their endorsement by local grassroots groups. But they are on TV, they have already mailed out several pieces, and they show up with new literature everytime they knock on your door.

One commenter said that I hadn't grasped Naisy's campaign strategy. Well, I know I have yet to understand Brewer's strategy. It's not grassroots. It's not machine. It's not like anything we've seen here before.

The thing is, the Brewer campaign keeps showing up. What is different is that they started early and haven't let up. Now with television and mail, I can only wonder how well Brewer is going to do. Stone is telling people that he's going to win on February 27. But Stone hasn't knocked on any doors. His mail has been childish. And they continue to underestimate the anger that exists in the ward over his long reign and stated wish that Ilana replace him. Both Dick Simpson and Russ Stewart conclude that we are headed to a run-off. That seems like a safe guess.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Naisy Campaign Lies Continue

There seems to be no end to the deceptions played out by Naisy and her campaign. Every Naisy supporter must be Naisy-at-heart. Or at least able to sign her name for Naisy. Each one of these pieces of Naisy literature have a different signature in different hand-writing. But they all claim to be Naisy Dolar. As if Naisy had knocked on their door.

The Dolar campaign's deliberate attempts to deceive voters is sickening. It never seems to end. We have that in Ald. Stone. We don't need another Stone clone.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Stone's Saddam Strategy

If there was one recent analogy for the way that Ald. Stone has reigned and run for re-election, it would be that of Saddam Hussein. Like Saddam, Stone posts images of himself everywhere. Like Saddam, you can't go a block without being reminded who your ruler is. Like Saddam, Stone thinks he is much beloved. And like Saddam, his inner circle continues to tell him that he is. Like Saddam, Stone rules from on high, whether it is his residence in the Towers or his office.

Stone's Saddam Strategy can be found by looking at every fence in the ward. Stone's Saddam Strategy tells us that we are "fenced in." Anywhere else throughout the city, you will find pretty fencing, pretty streets, a clean ward. Trash doesn't swurl around other wards, at least not the ones I frequent. Sometimes it feels like the 50th Ward is a prison or part of the old eastern bloc. You can't speak openly, you can't even put the sign of one of Stone's opponents out in your yard (or common area). Like Saddam, Stone's thugs are all around, on the payroll, ready to snitch.

This isn't a democracy, it's just like pre-invasion Iraq!

Stone has no other strategy than intimidation. Stone has no plans worth discussing. Stone has no future, and neither does the 50th Ward unless we rid ourselves of this tyrant.

NOTE: Stone's supporters seem unusually able to stick to the rules. Supporters from every other candidate seem able to live within them. I don't allow posts with full names, unless those people have provided their permission here. Like Saddam, Ald. Stone is extremely vindicative. You may not be killed, but you are likely to be visited from one of Stone's thugs.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Naisy's Northern (Touhe) Strategy

One of the things I have noticed around the ward is that Naisy's support is porportional to your closeness to Touhy. You won't find anyone supporting Naisy in my neighborhood. It's not that close to Touhy. But as you get closer to Touhy, her support grows.

This is not to say that Naisy doesn't have support away from Touhy. It just seems like her support is stronger there. It also appears to be part of her message, redeveloping Touhy. It is an area she knows and has worked.

What interests me is not so much that Naisy is concentrating on the North, but that she has focused on the North part of the ward while Aftab concentrates on the South. There may be a natural reason for this, one that I haven't noticed. Nor is this to suggest any collusion between the two. What it does suggest is that both the Northern and Southern parts of the ward are being pushed hard to turn out, which may result in a increased turnout.

UPDATE: Just as I say that Naisy is pretty well confined to the Northern end of the ward, I get calls that saw she has supporters out south of Devon.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Aftab's Southern Strategy

It is easy to write off Salman Aftab. Naisy Dolar supporters wished he would have dropped out. Fellow Pakistanis don't take him seriously. Ald. Stone hardly gets perturbed when he yanks Stone's chains. But friends who reside south of Devon tell us that Aftab is working hard to win votes there.

Some of this area is Stone territory. But there is also a heavy rental community with a different culture than traditional Stone territory. This seems to be where Aftab is concentrating. My father contends that homeowners vote, and apartment dwellers don't. But that was also said of new immigrants, and that is changing. Aftab's strategy, if that is what it is, is interesting. Perhaps even bold.

One thing that Aftab's Southern Strategy could do is boost turnout. Given that this area, the one that Aftab is concentrating on, is severely neglected by Stone, they may be likely to be intimidated by Stone's thugs. What do they have to lose? Stone doesn't care about them anyway.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dolar: Alderman Race Her Second Choice

Watching Naisy Dolar is fun! You never know what you're going to discover on Naisy's Continuing Adventure. A blog search looking for another blog led me to this:

Challenge for Madigan

Chicago resident Naisy Dolar has formed a PAC to seek the Democratic nomination for Attorney General. Filing for the March Primary closed weeks ago; she's either running as a write-in or she's planning ahead for 2010.

Taking on Lisa Madigan is surely a gutsy move. Running for Attorney General even braver, as Naisy is not a lawyer. But it seems clear that Naisy has an inflated ego and vast ambition. The 50th Ward is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things. It gives this picture of Naisy from her website new meaning:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why You Can't Trust Naisy

Not everyone shares my values that expect honest and integrity among our politicians. Applegirl wonders why I'm "obsessed" with Naisy's lack of integrity. That is a good question.

The first reason I've focused on this is that I was once taken in by Naisy. I was excited by her political promise, like I think others were and are.

But after talking to Naisy a few times, I became very uncomfortable with supporting her. Something wasn't right. Something didn't ring true.

Applegirl thinks that Naisy's lie is normal. That's sad. But whenever I've brought it up to her supporters, they generally don't believe me. Naisy's lived here all her life! Her supporters think this means that she lived in her parent's house for 30 years. More importantly, voters believe don't think that living here for 30 years or all her life means that she went to high school in Florida. We feel deceived.

We were deceived.

I've came to the conclusion that Naisy has a problem with the truth. This is the first concrete evidence I've had that validates my feelings. There are supporters of hers who have decided that Naisy's lack of integrity just doesn't matter. And I suppose that if you are an Asian-American, and you want to see one of yours on the city council, that shouldn't matter. Naisy would at least by your crook.

But as I've said before, we already have a crook as alderman. Why elect a Stone clone? Can't we do better? Shouldn't we "expect more for our ward?"

If it's all about ethnic politics, then my people are already represented.

Other commenters have tried to mitigate Naisy's lies by pushing her "policy" experience. Strangely, not too much comment about Naisy's role in throwing out set-asides for Asian-Americans. Again, if you are an Asian-American, I'd presume that wouldn't matter. Even if Naisy is ineffectual at policy-making, at least she'd be your ineffective policy maker. In this assumed quota system, everyone should have one. I guess.

But why should we want that in the 50th Ward? That's an astonishing argument. We already have an alderman who divides us into ethnic groups. I'm not comfortable with that. And I don't want Stone replaced by a Stone clone, whether it be Ilana or Naisy.

The reason I can't support Naisy anymore is that she's lied to us, she lacks integrity, she can't protect us. If you've lived here for a long time, then you know that this community is worth protecting. We have something special here, and I don't just mean the profound Jewish character of the neighborhood. We are diverse, we are welcoming, we are special. Naisy's singular policy experience tells us that she is unable to protect her own. I can't risk the 50th Ward because Naisy has a little bit of charisma. You can't trust Naisy. Just ask her.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why Does Naisy Lie?

If you've met Naisy at all, there's a good chance that you've come away with the same impression. She's eager, she wants you to like her, and she'll do or say whatever to make that happen.

She's a natural politician.

In Chicago, that is not always a good thing. One of the whatevers that Naisy has said involves her length of residency. Again, we discover that Naisy is deliberate in passing off the lie that she's lived in the ward 30 years, or all her life. A friend brought me this piece of literature that was left at his home. It's the same old piece, but with Naisy's signature, which came wrapped in a copied piece aimed at seniors. Her residency-lie is Naisy approved:

Naisy may believe that, in Chicago, it is acceptable to mislead the public. Ald. Stone does it, so why can't she? No one really cares how long she's lived in the ward. It's difficult to understand why Naisy would print up so much campaign literature with such an error unless it was a deliberate attempt to mislead us. We know that it is deliberate given her supporters repetition of the lie. 30 years was repeated over and over. The last Naisy supporter who mentioned it to me was astonished when I said that Naisy must have had a very long bus ride to high school from the neighborhood.

Naisy's apologists are tired of the story that Naisy has attempted to mislead us. Character and integrity may not be something that they look for in a candidate. Honesty may not be a shared value in the community. Other things may be more important. I just can't think of what they are. Can you?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Stone Wants to Fix Dolar Failure

It was pointed out to me this weekend that Ald. Stone is making heavy inroads into Naisy Dolar's presumed base, the Asian-American community. While Naisy was the Asian-American Liaison, the Mayor's office proposed, and City Council passed, legislation stripping Asian-Americans of protected status. This status is critical for the minority set-aside program, which excluded Asian-Americans during Naisy's time.

Ald. Stone is leading the charge to reverse this Dolar failure. While it might be considered pandering, Stone is making it clear that this failure demonstrates her inability to protect those she says she was charged to represent. If she can't protect her base, how can she protect us, Stone has asked.

Stone says that most Asian-American voters in the 50th Ward will end up supporting him. My dad says that the Asian-Americans who support Dolar live outside the ward, "and have nothing to do with us." I don't know, but the Asian-American set-aside story is curious, given Naisy's claims that it was her job to represent the Asian-American community to the mayor, and not the mayor to the Asian-American community (the normal job description of a liaison).

If what Naisy says is true, then she failed.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Week in Review

I missed some things I wanted to post on because I was stunned by the lack of integrity of one candidate. This week we saw:

  • A Mailer from Ald. Stone
  • Two Mailers from Greg Brewer
  • DL21C Endorsement of Naisy Dolar
  • A Billboard goes up for Greg Brewer
  • Year-end D2s are filed
  • Another debate between 50th Ward candidates on Saturday

The campaign is getting hot. I was surprised to receive the first set of mailers. In January, no less. We can expect more in the next 25 days. Some people may want to stop their mail! No, no. Don't do that.

The Stone mailer was straight off Stone's website. I wanted to look at its claims in an earlier post, but I got sidetracked by Marissa's attempted cover-up of Naisy's residency claims. I may come back to that later.

The letter (and brochure) from Brewer was great. Looked like it was actually signed. Or an expensive facsimilie. Very personal touch, very different from all those accusations that Stone's and Dolar's supporters throw out here. This is a serious, substantive man. And very positive. The Brewer campaign isn't negative like the others.

I am told by a friend that Brewer has a billboard up. I will try to get pictures of this later (hopefully, before Shabbat).

For those who are not observant, RPCAN hosts the next debate between 50th Ward candidates [PDF]. I'm hoping there will be a debate between the candidates at the JCC this month.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Naisy on YouTube

Presumably after her campaign manager corrected Naisy's mistake.

Whatcha talkin' about, Willis?