Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ira Wins Lottery!

St. Sen. Silverstein, having filed his petitions at 9:00am on October 29, will be listed first on the February ballot. Ald. Stone also was in line and filed at 9:00am, which necessitated the lottery. Ira won the lottery for the first position on the ballot.

My dad, brilliant political mind that he has, says that winning the lottery is just like winning the lottery. There are extra votes to be had by being first on the ballot. That's why candidates get up and stand in line on the morning of the first day of filing. Given how close Stone's election was in April, a few extra votes for his opponent may be all that's needed to send Berny packing. It is interesting that he was one of the few incumbents who lost the ballot lottery. Maybe the stars are finally aligning in our favor!

Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Readers. I hope you cherish this time with your families and loved ones.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jan Schakowsky endorses Ira Silverstein

Our Congresswoman, Jan Schakowsky, has endorsed Ira Silverstein in his race for Democratic Committeeman of the 50th Ward. She did so in a recent appearance of the Northtown News Magazine which can be found on YouTube here.

During the show, Jan said:

When I make a decision about endorsing a candidate, this is because I think that candidate will help to advance the agenda, a progressive agenda, and the agenda of this community, and is really ready to work hard for the kinds of changes and improvements that we need. That's my only criteria.

Unfortunately, that's not such a high bar to meet in comparison to Ald. Stone. Stone really has been one of the worst Committeemen in the city. He rarely attends Democratic Party meetings, he's neglected voter registration in the Ward, and uses that fact (that his constituents aren't registered) when they come and ask for help from the ward office or city government. Stories of Stone's neglect have become legend around the neighborhood, and it seems that everyone has their "Stone ignored (or insulted) me" story.

Electing Ira Democratic Committeeman is the first step to returning balance and fairness to the Ward. As Jan said, "that looks like that will be a race, that will be a lively race."

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stone Keeps Old Signs

Looks like we get no reprieve from these eyesores.